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Sheetal Bukhara has a Lavish yet pleasing ambiance. The upholstery, Curtains used are Light and Pleasing to eyes. The Restaurant has Pictures which talk & explain all on their own. Instrumental music played makes you feel great and takes everyone to a dream world. The place in short, is Spacious and has 3 levels. The Restaurant is a 110 seater with its staff making you feel at home . Not only is the staff prompt, friendly and soft spoken but also its proprietor. Mr. Sony Sachdev is always present to make its guests feel on top of the world.

They have a well decorated Bar and though this place has no seating arrangement for the bar. All brands are displayed so neatly. And one can see the Bartender making his cocktails and mocktails. The only reason there is no seating arrangement in Bar is to make no family person feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. It is totally a family restaurant.Image

The waiters here are wearing the old traditional pathani suits with jackets embroidered on it. The restaurant has fabulous eye catching yellow napkins which soothe very well with the decor.

According to Mr. Sony Sachdev an Ambiance of a Restaurant talks about its place. The ambiance of this restaurant is quite soothing and the best part of the ambiance is that every year Mr. Sony Sachdev gives a little change to his restaurant so that his regulars don't get bored of the same atmosphere, same ambiance.

The architect of this place is doing 5 star hotels and other renowned places.

The two Lions at the entrance makes a customer feel proud and gives the place a feeling of a palace and below the lions on each side are 2 trays of flower petals floating on water which gives a very rich and soothing feeling.

The lions are a big attraction for both kids and elders. Kids love to play with and on it while elders keep admiring seeing their reality. On one side is the traditional sofa which one would find in old and traditional palaces or places where tradition is kept to be maintained. It is made of soft sand stone and is coloured by Duco Paint.

The glasses/mirrors have a lot of soothing design and the best part of this place every customer feels he is separated and far apart so that he gets his privacy and at the same time the tables are also well placed that they get joined and one feels like you are in group.

The Italian store used by the restaurant is so soothing the richness is well shown. The wood work is very pleasing and the best part of this place is its paintings on the wall. The paintings talk all for its self, they are specially designed and made to order by Sony Sachdev and with the help of his architect.

From outside the restaurant one feels great on entering as valet parkers take over your car and the garden which is well taken care of adds to the richness of the place and making it feel more royal. On entering the restaurant one feels the chilliness as the A/C put by them are more than required. Words can't express things but its you who has to come and believe.

It's a place that caters from kids to old people and satisfaction seems to be our staffs MOTTO.
Welcome To Sheetal Bukhara Restaurant & Bar.


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